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11 best electric cars and SUVs

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There are so many electric vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, that are in the works that it’s only a matter of time before we have the chance to test one that ranks among the top EVs. Automakers are gradually switching over to electric vehicles. In a few years, practically everyone will drive an electric or hybrid vehicle. With increasing climate conditions brought on by high carbon emissions, adaptation and demand for electric vehicles have increased recently. Regulations to lessen the carbon footprint and incentives to hasten the transition to clean energy vehicles have been enacted by federal and local governments in many different countries.

1. Mercedes – Benz EQS

The EQS incorporates all Mercedes has learned from decades of creating opulent plutocrat boats, including all the benefits an EV promises—smoothness, tranquilly, seamless performance, and creative body packaging. It is a beautiful car that is nearly flawlessly completed and dotted with attention to detail. It is a pleasure to travel in, drive, or be driven in.

2. Ford Mustang Mach – E

Since it’s a Mustang, it looks better and performs better. This is excellent news given how boring and uncool cheaper electric cars have been. Additionally, Ford’s first entirely electric vehicle is adaptable to a variety of needs and tastes thanks to its crossover-like body style. Even though there are now more crossover-like EVs on the market for about the same price, the Mach-E is still at the top of our list of favorites.


3. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is the second-best selling EV and the best-selling tiny near-luxury car on the market. No matter whatever configuration you choose, it has class-leading cargo space, range, and performance in addition to a modern aesthetic and a wealth of technological options. The Model 3 is a simple car to maintain fueled and take on longer travels because it is a part of Tesla’s fast-charging Supercharger network. It has enough of power for daily driving.

4. Kia EV6

The EV6 demonstrates that being futuristic doesn’t have to be completely absurd. It is distinctive without necessarily falling off the edge of fashion, entertaining to drive without necessarily worrying a specialist sports vehicle, and so on. And that’s not a problem. However, it’s also a highly capable cruiser that’s roomy and quiet. This Kia vehicle is well-balanced, complete, fascinating, and rewarding.

5. Porsche Taycan


The Taycan, which fully lives up to its Porsche brand and promises, is the best electric vehicle to drive. It also costs a lot, which is in line with expectations and the Porsche brand. The Taycan impresses with its excellent build quality, a wide range of customization possibilities, and its athletic sports car appearance, beyond performance and range considerations. It’s essentially a Porsche Taycan Outback.

6. Audi e – tron GT

This brand-new four-door EV makes its debut as one of the most enjoyable luxury electric vehicles to drive. It has a range well above 200 miles, is powerful and agile, and offers a smooth ride. It is attractive and well-made on the inside, with lots of user-friendly technology. Based on how well the 2022 Audi e-tron GT performed in the Luxury Electric Cars category, it is ranked #7.

7. BMW iX

BMW wants to construct this all-electric car as a showcase for its greatest work on materials, aerodynamics, and driver assistance, but it also plans to produce battery versions of all of its mainstream models, as it has done with the Mini Electric and iX3. The iX is a large, comfortable home-on-wheels, and a lot of technology has been invested to ensure that the driver is at ease while the passengers unwind. It works well for a full-size electric SUV. It has a remarkable range and charges very quickly.


8. Polestar 2

Tesla, resign. The 2022 Polestar 2, especially the single-motor version, is the gold standard for a user-friendly EV, even though it is officially tied in our ranking with the Model 3. The second vehicle from the Volvo spinoff firm has a sporty appearance that lies between a large hatchback sedan and a small crossover and feels svelte and opulent.

9. Hyundai Ioniq 5

It’s impressive that Hyundai now has the self-assurance to sell a vehicle with the Ioniq 5’s striking appearance. But it’s plain amazing that one of the most feature-rich family EVs money can buy is hidden under this classic XXL hot hatch bodywork.

10. Tesla Model Y


They both have comparable ranges, but the Model Y continues to excel because to Tesla’s unrivalled combination of performance, efficiency, and range. Compared to any of the less expensive EVs with equivalent range, the Model Y is far faster. It may not be a terrific automobile, but its battery and electric drivetrain are outstanding. Tesla has a following as well, and many individuals fervently endorse them, flaws and all.

11. BMW i7

Based on its performance within the Luxury Electric Cars category, the 2023 BMW i7 is ranked third. Based on our examination of 12 pieces of research and data items from different sources, the BMW i7 currently has a score of 8.9 out of 10. A very good luxury electric vehicle, the i7 from 2023. It features a luxurious interior, opulent seating, and a tone of technology. It drives with the imposing authority of BMW’s gas-powered 7 Series.

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