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2023 Honda Odyssey: The ultimate baby gadget (for better and worse)

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This year, a brand-new mid-range Sport model is added to the lineup; it features red ambient interior lighting, distinctive 19-inch wheels, black leather interior trim, and gloss black exterior highlights. The Odyssey portfolio as a whole will remain unaltered, but Honda will provide a free planned maintenance program for all 2023 models.

This program will cover oil changes and other necessary dealership maintenance services for the first two years or 24,000 miles of ownership. The herd has been reduced to the base LX trim.

They probably also don’t care about fuel efficiency, yet it is one of the few measurable areas where the Odyssey falls short of its rivals. The Chrysler Pacifica offers a fantastic plug-in hybrid model while the Toyota Sienna is only available as a hybrid that achieves an estimated 36 mpg combined, even if its V6 engine is completely good in comparison to other vans with comparably powered engines.

Is it a good minivan?

The 2023 Odyssey is unquestionably a good minivan. It is a minivan designed with a focus on families. This minivan has smooth handling, good performance, and comfortable seats. It has a lot of cargo room considering it is a family vehicle. This is a fantastic family vehicle.



The odyssey comes with a touchscreen infotainment system which is made quite simple to use. It comes built-in with a good music system, an 8-inch touch screen display, satellite radio, HD radio, and Bluetooth navigation. For the passengers, there is a rear seat entertainment system, a wi-fi hotspot, a wireless device charging, and a lot more USB ports. It also comes with a sunroof, an all-purpose garage door, a CabinTalk in-car PA system a CabinWatch rear-seat monitoring system, and a CabinControl.

Fuel economy

This minivan’s absence of a hybrid or all-wheel drive option is its only drawback. The engine switches off a bank of cylinders to conserve fuel. If the car were to stop, the minivan would shut off and resume itself. If you were to compare this minivan’s mileage to that of hybrid vehicles, it would be considerably lower. It has a fuel efficiency rating of 19 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on the highway, and 22 mpg overall.

Seating capacity


Due to the Odyssey’s design as a family-oriented minivan. It has a considerable amount of cargo space. Between 88.6 and 92.3 cubic feet are added behind the second row, and between 140.7 and 158 cubic feet are added behind the front seats. These are rather impressive figures for a minivan. Five full sets of LATCH connections are included with this minivan to mount kid safety seats. The third row’s middle seat has a tether anchor.


In terms of performance, the Odyssey sports a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce up to 280 horsepower. A smooth ride on the highway is made possible by this engine. It has an automated transmission with ten speeds. It delivers competent lights and braking and has exceptionally good handling. This minivan offers one of the smoothest and most pleasant rides ever.


The NHTSA gave the Odyssey a rating of five stars out of five. One of the safest minivans available is this one. It did receive a passable grade in the headlights department, but it excelled in all other areas. Given how simple it is to operate, it even received positive reviews.



The Odyssey’s standard warranty package from Honda is identical to that of

the majority of its competitors and doesn’t provide anything particularly

unique. With a 10-year coverage for its engine and a limited warranty that lasts

two years longer than any of its competitors, the Carnival wins this contest in


terms of warranties.

The Takeaway

Once you drive the 2023 Honda Odyssey, you won’t think negatively about minivans again thanks to its smooth ride, sure handling, and quick-accelerating V-6 engine. With its innovative Magic Seat system, you may arrange the seats in the second row in a number of different configurations, including one that will keep quarreling children adequately apart. Overall, a perfect family car.

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