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Super easy way to fix scratches on your car

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Scratches are a natural part of driving a car, and you will almost certainly scratch it at some point. The scratch may be small or deep, requiring a costly repair. In the event that you ever decide to sell your car, scratches will lower its value. In addition, it’s inconvenient to have to wait for a long time at the repair shop to get a minor scratch fixed.

For a car enthusiast like us, car scratches are extremely discouraging. I mean, no car lover can stand it, and it does look drab in our vehicle. Before we talk about how to fix it, we need to know everything we can about the different kinds of scratches that our car gets. There is a different treatment for each type, so without further ado, let’s learn everything there is to know about it.

 Different types of car scratches

1. Clear-coat scratch – We are all aware that a very thin layer of clear coat shields automobile paint from environmental hazards like dust, acid rain, and direct sunlight. Repairing a car scratch is simple if the scratch only lasts that long. The easiest task is to remove car scratches from the clear coat layer.

2. Paint scratch – At the point when a scratch is extreme to such an extent that you can see the metal sheet under the layers then it’s truly difficult to fix. If someone is willing to scratch your car with a stone, key, or other sharp objects, or if there is a major accident, these kinds of scratches can happen. To avoid any further major causes, it is recommended to take immediate corrective measures.


3. Primer scratch – Another layer of protection that automakers apply to our vehicle’s body to give it a more beautiful, gleaming, and smooth surface is a primer. If preventative measures are not taken promptly, car scratches that cut through the clear coat layer and expose the Primer coating at that level of damage will ruin the body paint and possibly cause rusting. It will take more time and expertise to fix this, so we recommend painting the entire component to avoid uneven paint differences.

How to get rid of the scratches on the car at home

Use nail polish:

This is a fairly unconventional treatment that is quite common. It is very effective, available, and logical. You only need to paint your car with the same color of nail polish to use this simple one-step method. It’s probably the simplest and least expensive method for repairing car scratches.

Use toothpaste:


This is a no-brainer if your car only has minor scratches. Buffing the uneven surface and making the scratch invisible is the idea behind this. You’ve probably heard of this treatment if you drive a car. However, you must keep the following things in mind:

Use toothpaste designed specifically for whitening. It provides a rough texture that is ideal for buffing the surface.

Before applying toothpaste to the surface, make sure you clean it with a cloth.

If the damage is too extensive, you should use one of the many scratch repair kits for cars or have a body shop fix it. The following are the most common methods for removing a car scratch:

Rubbing compound


Your fingernail can be used to evaluate a straightforward surface-level scratch. If your nail can’t get it, it very well may be taken out utilizing an exceptional scouring compound. This is accomplished by first thoroughly washing the affected area with car soapy water and then using a microfiber cloth to clean it. A small amount of rubbing compound is now applied with a buffing pad. Applying light pressure, the compound is vigorously rubbed into the scratched area in a circular motion. The goal is to get rid of some scratched clear coat. The entire procedure is repeated numerous times. The area is finally cleaned and air-dried.

Car scratch repair kit

For minor scratches, you can also use a scratch repair kit from the store. A scratch remover solution and a buffing pad are included in the kit. To remove any accumulated dust or debris, the surface is first washed. A microfiber cloth is used to dry the surface after that. A small amount of the solution is applied to the surface with the buffing pad. The excess is removed with a cloth and left to dry. Using a scratch-removing kit has sparked conflicting opinions, with many users reporting either no results at all or only passing results for very minor scratches.

Professional denting/painting for deep scratches

Professional painting work for denting is the only option. Dent painting professionals will remove your car’s scratches for a showroom-quality finish. Here is a brief portion. The professional begins by thoroughly washing the vehicle to remove any dirt or contaminants. The professional use sandpaper to remove any excess paint from the area until the core of the scratch is visible. To prevent additional scratches in the opposite direction, the movement of the paint removal should be to the side of the scratch. In addition, various grits of sandpaper, such as 1500, 2000, and so on, are utilized for various levels of scratches.


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